Amaretto Delicatessen – St Georges Street

Amaretto Deli is situated on St Georges Street, opposite St Andrews Hall, as you make your way to the Playhouse. I was first taken there by a friend in 2011 – we bought giant slices of pizza and snuck them into the cinema! I’m sad to say I didn’t go back for a while (although I remembered the pizza) until I got a job in Tombland where I then became a regular customer…along with everyone else in my office!

Amaretto offers a varied selection of foods: salads, cakes, pizza, soups, sandwiches etc each day having a few special homemade dishes such as moussakas, lasagnes, risottos and chillis. I always feel this is a plus as it’s comforting to have a warm meal for lunch and, as the specials change each day, it means you aren’t eating sandwich after sandwich after sandwich.

Although the deli is small the quality is anything but. The foods are rich and flavourful, the staff are charming and welcoming. If you have any doubts about Amaretto you simply need to vist the deli between 12-1pm to see the queue of food lovers wanting to get a taste of their delicous offerings. Being situated near the Arts University is great for business also, I’m sure!

In the office, we have to do a quick march at lunchtime as portions are limited and sell out quickly due to popularity – testament to the quality of their homemade recipes. One of my colleagues has her heart set on the sushi they offer every Friday supplied by Shiki. A personal favourite of mine being the spinach & mushroom lasagne; creamy sauce and sweet tomotoes adding to the tastiness! Half a portion usually fills me comfortably meaning I get to enjoy it all again the next day (and saves me a few bucks I would’ve spent on another lunch). They have all the food ready and raring to go – plastic containers on hand – which is perfect if you want to pick something up for lunch quickly. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the frustation of a task taking what seems like years when you’re in a hurry…but not at Amaretto!

Although I don’t eat out for lunch everyday, I tend to scope out what the deli is offering via their Facebook/Twitter page and if something looks particularly tempting I’ll pop my previous night’s dinner in the fridge to become leftover leftovers for the following day.

The deli also sells a selection of pastas, breads, oils and antipasti from Italy, again giving you the best quality products. It is an Italian gem in the centre of our fine city and definitely worth a visit, even if you just pop in for a slice of pizza that’s as big as your face!


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Young professional who loves the city of Norwich and wants to get as much out if it as possible. Up for trying new things and loving local. Interested in films, general culture and good times.
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