Clutter City – Norwich Arts Centre

Yesterday, the sun was shining and I was feeling good so off I popped to Norwich Arts Centre for a little look at Clutter City. I had been waiting a while for this day to come – I had foolishly missed the previous ones and vowed I would make it this time!

My friends, this place was divine and let me tell you why.

As soon as you stepped into the Arts Centre you were greeted with beautiful stalls bursting with creativity and colour. The place was packed! I didn’t know where to look first. Hoping that there would be cute little gifts and oddities, it was exactly what I was expecting from the event. There was so many different things to buy: cards, jewellery, t-shirts, prints, cakes, teacup planters, knitted animals, even wooden spoons!


little darlings

Having been to other market events which have stocked pridomanitely vintage clothes I found this really refreshing. Everything had been handmade so that even if two stalls were selling similar things, the artists’ styles would shine through and set them apart.

Clutter City was free to attend. Although I could have very easily bought most items in the venue (to the whimper of my bank account) I felt that simply wandering around and seeing what was on offer was an equally wonderful experience. It allows people to do something for nothing, if they so choose, and gives the artisans more exposure. Understandably, that is not the point of this event and as my funds were limited I decided to collect a small stack of business cards – most sellers has etsy shops/Facebook Pages – so I could treat myself at a later and more financially sound date.

The best things about Clutter City in my eyes, however, is the fact that it promotes and celebrates all the local artists we have hidden away in our lovely little city. There is so much talent and people are missing it. A perfect example is Gemma Correll and her pug inspired works which have taken off world-wide over the past year or so (well done Gemma!) and who in fact created the artwork for the event’s marketing.

As I mentioned there are so many different items for sale and styles and I find it amazing wandering round and seeing what people have created from their own mind grapes. And they’re all really interesting to talk to, telling you about what they do (usually as a full time job) or their creative process which adds to the lovliness of the items and the event. It just takes one of these events to get someone commisioned or discovered and off they go. And even if not, just seeing all this work that people have lovingly spent time making makes me really appreciateive that I live in a city that puts on (free) events like this for me to enjoy. I went for an hour or so before work and then went off to tell all my freinds and collegues about the treasures Clutter City held!

Clutter City has a few events a year. You can find dates and more about the events online here


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