Norwich Print Fair & The Forum

This afternoon I made a quick stop to The Forum to check out the print fair they have this week. I had noticed it the day before and wanted to see it up close! I went with a friend who waned to do something a little different on her lunch so we thought a calm meander round the exhibit followed by a cup of coffee at Cafe Bar Marzano, also in the Forum, would be more than suitable.

First up the exhibit. In a word, I would describe it as “beautiful”. I must confess that I’m not too clued in about the whole printing process, I understand it is about transfer but shamefully, that’s about it! Wandering through the trail of talent I realised how vast the medium is. It had first caught my eye because of the bold colours and dark defined lines a few of the artists use, however, there were so many techniques being put to use and styles shining through. My friend and I tried to figure out how each artist had made their pieces – one collection was so realistic we were convinced it was a photograph!

The work commonly presented our beloved Norwich (and Norfolk) which showed the different ways people can interpret the same location but also included animals, flowers, woodland and people. It was lovely to see such variation in styles from bright pop art inspired pieces to black & white sketching. I walked away feeling more informed about the artistic process and feeling inspired to study objects and scenery that we probably take for granted in a more appreciative way.

The Forum has a plethora of events, both free and ticketed, that everyone can get involved in. There’s so much to take advantage of and a lot of it can be done on a lunch break or in passing – just pop your head in to experience something different and add a little inspiration to your day.

My friend and I each had our favourite artists in the exhibit however you can decide for yourself by sampling their work here:

Cafe Bar Marzano was next up. We opted for a simple filter coffee and delicious salted caramel cookie each. As I looked around for seat I noticed how accessible the place is to so many groups of people – there were university students discussing novels, parents literally having a mother meeting, business people on power lunches and the elderly catching up with family. Wonderful! 

The fact that Marzano has the seating indoors, outdoors and in the Atrium of the Forum means that you can chose the environment to suit your occasion. Most of the seating is largely in the Atrium, the high ceilings and head-to-toe glass windows giving the customers a bright, spacious feeling which adds to the chilled atmosphere. Not to mention loads of things to look at/people to watch! Being open up until late evening also makes it a good spot to head to if you want a quiet, alcohol-free place to relax in.

Overall, it was a hour well spent. My friend and I explored an artistic medium which was more or less new to us and had a lovely chat, planning trips to France and activities around Norwich, over a cup of coffee and a quickly devoured cookie!


About New To Me Norwich

Young professional who loves the city of Norwich and wants to get as much out if it as possible. Up for trying new things and loving local. Interested in films, general culture and good times.
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