Mustard Coffee Bar – 3 Bridewell Alley

My visit to Mustard was a unplanned lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and had lots to catch up with. Neither of us had thought about where to go on this lunch date and while racking our minds for a place where we could sit down, wouldn’t be too crowded (at lunch time on a weekday) and would be able to serve us quickly, Mustard popped into mind. It’s hidden away in the centre of the city, a short walk from the market, St Andrews and the Castle. Neither of us had tried it before but we’d both passed it numerous times whilst crossing the city and always thought it looked sweet. We ventured in.

We were immediately greeted with a warm smile and hello from one of the staff. Having come in off the cuff we weren’t sure what type of food they served: hot, cold, sandwiches, nibbles, light lunches? Answer – all of them! I felt the lady sensed our hesitance and thankfully helped us along, saving us much needed time. We decided on the special – thai fishcakes with chilli jam!

As soon as we sat down I noticed all the artwork in the cafe. They had a varied selection from local artists for sale, framed and numbered with a menu of prices. Having a few arty friends I made a quick mental note to tell them about this. They also had sketchbooks and pencils on the table, encouraging the customers (and not as artistic folk) to tap into some creativity. The results have been strung up around the cafe, a lovely gesture allowing the customers to remain at the cafe after they’d had the last sip of coffee and paid the bill. It was also a treat to look around and admire such differing styles of doodles!

Although we were pressed for time, my friend and I managed to have our lunch (delicious, especially the chilli jam!) and catch up. The atmosphere was relaxed and calming, perfect for a break in the middle of a hectic day. The staff were hospitable and attentive but didn’t hover. They made easy conversation sharing a small joke and perking us up as our minds went back to work mode. Mustard was exactly what we were looking for and will definitely be seeing me again, and perhaps exhibiting some of my friends’ art. I have a feeling this flying visit only scratched the surface of what they have to offer.

We went back to work with satisfied bellies and smiles on our faces!


About New To Me Norwich

Young professional who loves the city of Norwich and wants to get as much out if it as possible. Up for trying new things and loving local. Interested in films, general culture and good times.
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