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Hey there folks,

So this is a little pet project I decided to do in 2014 (a new year and a new me) because with the Internet being the social giant that it is, and Norwich being such a sparkling gem, I thought why not combine the two! I think the city has so much to offer all year round but I know that many people, myself included, can fall into the same ol’ same, ol’ world of going to that one coffee shop that you know is a safe bet. I also realised that after 5 years of living in this wonderful little city, I hadn’t really been a tourist in it. Sure, I knew where the museums were if anyone asked for directions but I had yet to experience them for myself! And let’s not get started on all the art exhibitions, vintage fairs, general culture that the city seems to be teeming with.

I have friends who live in London, Paris, New York and they all mention things they want to do but never get round to doing it. Perhaps we’re all just a bunch of lazy bums. Perhaps we like the comfort of our routine. Well, screw it! Although I will most likely gush about my regular haunts that hold a special place in my heart, my aim for this blog is to record all the fabulous little finds in this fine city of Norwich, to consciously decide to try new things, avoid the more corporate chains (yes, the cinnamon swirl at Starbucks is delicious but still) and love local. Norwich is wonderful and want to get as much out of it as possible!

Alright, let’s get this shindig started!



About New To Me Norwich

Young professional who loves the city of Norwich and wants to get as much out if it as possible. Up for trying new things and loving local. Interested in films, general culture and good times.
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One Response to New to me

  1. Angasa says:

    What you’re doing is so great. I live in Norwich too and I’m only just opening my eyes to how great this city is 🙂

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